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Permanent Thermal Energy Flow Meter

THERMAL ENERGY flow measurement - permanent

Whether it is energy management, internal balancing, or monitoring – the capture of thermal energy data in heating and cooling systems is an important measurement task in areas such as building management, manufacturing industry and other energy-intensive operations.

FLEXIM provides an extremely flexible, reliable and, above all, easy-to-install measuring system for this purpose.

Models for standard and more demanding applications are available.

Fluxus F532 TE

The FLUXUS F532 Thermal Energy is specially designed for heating and cooling measurements in industry and building applications. The new 532 platform allows for best FLEXIM performance, measurement accuracy and modern interfaces. Useful for thermal energy metering and also for monitoring processes and plants.


The FLUXUS F721TE is specially designed for heating and cooling Thermal Energy measurement, with all measurements – Flowmeter, Temperature, and BTU computer, contained in one device.
The F721TE measures the volumetric flow rate non-invasively via its clamp-on ultrasonic transducers. Simultaneously, temperature probes monitor the temperatures at the supply and return lines of the heating or cooling system – either non-invasively with clamp-on sensors or by use of insertion temperature probes.

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