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Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flexim Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meter range offers the ideal method for measuring liquids without cutting the pipe or stopping the process. Robust, battery-powered and includes a built-in datalogger to enable downloading of time-stamped measurement values on completion.

State-of-the-art signal processing technology coupled with temperature compensated and matched pair transducers makes it the perfect tool for short or long term measurements.

Flexim strap on external flowmeter can be used on virtually all pipe materials including metal, plastic and lined pipes with diameters as small as 6mm and up to 6m.

Need a unit for a one-off measurement? Call us to discuss our hire options or field service where one of our techs come to site to complete the measurements and submit a report.

Flexim Fluxus F601 standard

Portable non intrusive flow meter can be used with 1 or 2 sets transducers simultaneously.
Battery powered > 14 hrs or longer.
Measures/displays and logs flow variables and diagnostics.
Includes software to download reports.
2 x 4-20 mA outputs for connection to remote PLC/RTU.
Optional MODBUS comms, ideal for use with 4G/5G modems.
Optional pipe wall thickness probe

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Flexim flow meter portable F601

Flexim FLUXUS F601 Energy/Multifunctional

The F601 ultrasonic flow meter is available with additional input/output capability
to measure temperature and/or pressure from external
Thermal energy calculations on chillers/boilers can be
completed using clamp-on temperature sensors to display
and log directly in kW. All without cutting into the pipe.
Pump curves can be plotted using the flow readings combined
with external pressure transmitters.

Flexim F608 with transducers

Flexim FLUXUS F608 for Hazardous areas

The Flexim flow meter F608 is the ideal tool for non-intrusive flow measurements in hazardous areas. Certified IECEx for use in zone 2 areas. Refer technical documentation for additional details and hazardous area documentation.

IECEx logo
Pricam long term data logging for Flexim flow measurements in field

Long term flow measurements with external battery

For longer term measurements of up to several weeks, the portable clamp on flowmeter F601 can be supplied with a remote monitoring package. This includes a 12V car battery, pillar box enclosure with adapters and an optional 4G modem to stream flow measurements and diagnostics to a password protected portal. Ideal for remote areas and balancing of water networks. Flow meter rental options also available.

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