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Flow Computers

Flow Computers offer an addition to the range of Flow rate Indicators / Totalizers. This group incorporates the most basic and advanced features and adds smart functionality like linearization of the flow curve temperature and pressure compensation, consumption calculation or ratio monitoring (fuel). This is one of Fluidwell’s most advanced product ranges.

Fluidwell Flow computer E-series

Explosion Proof - E Series

EXD, Explosion Proof Fluidwell E series units are available with IECEx explosion proof certification (Exd) and offer either aluminium or stainless-steel enclosure. Rugged and reliable,
Models include: E018, E112, E126-EL or EG, F119 Totalizer with receipt printer output.

Fluidwell flow rate indicator, totalizer, batch controller F-Series

Field Mount - F Series

The F-Series is a robust range of field mount indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in industrial environment.
Models include: F112, F127

DIN Panel Mount - D Series

The D-Series is available as DIN panel mount indicator, transmitter, controller and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement applications in industrial environments.
Models include: D016

Basic features
  • Key information at a glance, simultaneously showing preset and actual total with measuring units.
  • Clear operator messages e.g. “press stop”.
  • “Know one, know them all” configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.
  • Ability to process all types of flow meter signals.
  • Robust GRP, aluminum and Stainless steel 316L enclosures, resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Suitable for hazardous area applications with intrinsically safe and explosion proof approvals.
  • Entering the preset is a basic function, easy for every operator.
  • For repeatable batches it is not required to reenter the preset value, simply press start.
  • Self-learning overrun correction for repeatable results under varying conditions.
  • F114: Ratio monitor / totalizer with high / low alarms and analog outputs.
  • F116 / F127: Calculate differential / consumption total of two flows.
  • E126 / F126 – EL: Temperature compensation for corrected liquid volume.
  • E126 / F126 – EG: Temperature and pressure compensation for corrected gas volume.
  • Linearization of the flow curve for accuracy in any flow range.
Advanced features
  • Numerical keypad for easy changing of the preset.
  • Receipt printing for a ticket after each batch.
  • Pump control with on/off time delay function.
  • Remote inputs to start, pause or stop a batch.
  • Graphical indication of the batch process.
  • LED backlight.
  • No-flow monitoring.
  • Analog output with flow rate or batch re-transmission.
  • Total re-transmission, is offered with the scaled pulse output.
  • Modbus Communication.
  • Intrinsically safe available.
  • Approved for weighing and measuring with NTEP certification.
  • LED backlight ensuring perfect readings in all lighting conditions.
  • HART Communication allows you to easily communicate with smart “DD enabled host” systems.
  • Data logging: Logged frequently, read out easily! With free downloadable software tool.
  • Intrinsically safe available for hazardous area applications.
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