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Our field techs are highly experienced in flow measurements.

Certified for BOSIET, Work safely at Heights, Enter and work in Confined spaces and many years of field experience.

With our portable test units we can accurately measure:

  • liquid flow in pipes with diameters from 10 mm up to 6500 mm, and
  • compressed air and gas in pipes with diameters from 25 mm, depending on application details.

The FLEXIM portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow inside the pipe from the outside by using the latest transition time technology. No interruption to the process is needed.

Common tests for liquids include:
flow rate checks in pipes without flow meters (such as fire pumps testing)
* monitor flow rates for pigging on gas pipes
* verifying the reading from existing flow meter(s)(check metering).

Our Energy Flowmeters measure both the flow and inlet/outlet temperatures to continuously record the energy consumption in boilers and chillers. Pricam has had great success with major educational institutions and sporting venues in assisting with their flow measurement needs.

Compressed air measurements can be used to check compressor performance or before/after leak detection. Read our article in Manufacturers Monthly – click here
The internal data logger stores both the time-stamped measured values as well as diagnostic data which enables each measurement point to be verified.

For longer term measurements, the unit(s) can be left on site from a day to several months to continuously log data. If you prefer the information virtually real-time, a GSM modem can be attached to continuously update graphs and downloadable tables on a secure website. We provide a username and password so you can log in anywhere anytime making it possible to see the latest data even on your smartphone.

One of our experienced technicians can assist via video call, come to site or our equipment can be hired or a combination of service and hire. Call for more information 03 9532 2235 or click below to send an email request.

On-line or On-site commissioning services are available to make sure you get the most out of your new instruments.

Hire a clamp-on flowmeter for liquids and gas or insertion flow meter for air & gas for your next flow audit.
Great rates from 1 day, 1 week and longer.

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