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Permanent Clamp On Ultrasonic

FLEXIM, based in Berlin, Germany has designed and manufactured ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters for 30 years and is a proven technology leader with a large and rapidly growing installed base across all industries, including in all states in Australia. The transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe without coming into contact with the fluid, so there is no need to cut the pipe or stop the process during installation. This technology offers an accurate and reliable method to measure flow non-intrusively on virtually any pipe material including metal, plastic, GRP/FRP/PE as well as lined pipes with diameters from 6mm to 6m. All Flexim flowmeter systems are shipped with traceable factory calibration certificates and include mounting rails and hardware for mounting the transducers on the pipe.

Flexim Flow meter Standard

FLUXUS F721 uses highly sophisticated signal filters, faster than ever processing capacities and advanced measurement algorithms which makes the liquid flow meter the standard setting measuring solution for any industrial application- even for the most challenging ones.
The meter adapts itself automatically to the respective measurement conditions and compensates for flow profile disturbances such as beam dispersal and structure-borne noise, allowing for even more precise and reliable measurements. Extreme fast measurement cycles enable precise real time monitoring of highly dynamic processes.

Flexim Flow meter for Water

FLUXUS F532WD, the compact measuring system that is able to record flow rates non-invasively with clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe, making it possible to set up flow measuring points in the existing drinking water network easily and cost-effectively. Because the installation does not require any opening of the pipe, there is no supply interruption whatsoever. Ultrasonic transducers with IP68 protection rating, indestructible stainless steel mounting rails and durable permanent coupling pads allow the flow measuring points to be installed in the ground without the need for a time-consuming and costly shaft structure.

Flexim Flow meter for Hazardous areas IECEx Zone 1

The FLUXUS F831 is FLEXIM’s dual channel ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter for bi-directional flow measurement of liquids in hazardous areas (IECEx Zone 1). The F831 series is perfectly suited for every demanding industrial application in and out of the oil field and the chemical industry. In addition, the FLUXUS F/G831 comes with carefully matched and temperature compensated transducers (fully ANSI / ASME MFC 5M compliant) providing unmatched zero-point stability and precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide range of conditions.

Flexim Flow meter SIL2 certified

Cutting edge technology with superior signal processing for non-intrusive flow measurement of liquids in hazardous areas. IECEx for use in Zone 1 areas and SIL2 certified. Stainless steel enclosure.
Flexim G722 clamp on flow meter permanent

Flexim Flow meter Dual Channel

The FLUXUS F722 liquid flow meter is a high performer ultrasonic clamp on meter specifically designed for synchronizing measurements of dynamic flows in the process industry. This sophisticated, versatile, and accurate flow meter has everything you need – faster processing capabilities, advanced diagnostics, bidirectional communication protocols, digital outputs, and process inputs. In keeping with all other FLEXIM products, the F722 offers ease of installation, retrofittable design, accuracy, and outstanding performance. Using the new Synchronized Channel Averaging method (SCA), the F722 ultrasonic flow meter sends signals both in the direction of the flow and against the flow every 1millisecond. These signals are averaged simultaneously resulting in better flow profile representation, a more stable output and minimizing cross flow effects in highly dynamic flows with demanding inflow conditions. F722 is available both in Aluminum and Stainless-Steel housing options, with IECEx Zone 2

Flexim Wave Injector for Extreme temperatures

Flexim offers a unique and well proven solution for non-intrusive measurements of liquids with temperatures between -200C and +630C.The patented mounting fixture thermally separates the ultrasonic transducers from the hot or cold pipe and at the same time ensures good acoustic contact. This makes standard transducers suitable for long-term operation even at extreme temperatures. Applications include flow measurements of pressurized water, heat transfer oils, molten salt, bitumen as well as vacuum gas oils and residuals.
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