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Flexim F601 Standard
Flexim flow meter portable G601
Flexim G601 Air and Gas
Flexim G608 Air and Gas
(Hazardous Area)
Flexim flow meter portable F601
Flexim F601 Double Energy

Options Available for Ultrasonic Flow Meter Hire

Flexim Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter is available for short (daily) or long term (monthly) hire. Suitable for flow measurement, check metering and flow audit on single or multiple locations.

Flowmeter Hire only

Hire the flowmeter that you need. We can organise delivery to your premises and you organise return at the end of the hire period. Call to book +61 (3) 9532 2235

Flowmeter Hire and Site service (Full service)

Have one of our expert technicians install the correct flowmeter at your site using one of our hired flowmeters. We will leave the flowmeter to collect data, then return at a later point to collect the unit and provide a full report of data collected back to you. Go to our On Site Flow Verification services page for further information on site services.

Flowmeter Setup and Use Training

We can provide Online or Onsite training upon request. Learn best practices for successful installation of the flow meter you hire (or purchase) or have refresher / ongoing training for a currently installed flowmeter.

Flowmeter Hire Request Form

Complete the Hire Request form and one of our team will be in contact to discuss your requirements. Alternatively call (03) 9532 2235 to discuss our hire rates and options with expert staff in our Melbourne office.

Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter FAQ's

Does it matter what material my pipes are made of?
The F601 can measure flow through most plastic and metal and concrete pipes.
Stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, PVC are all supported.

Is there an optimum pipe diameter?
Pipe diameter can range from as small as 6mm >. Accurate readings can be taken on any pipe diameter.

Can I measure any type of liquid?
Most liquid types are accommodated. Water through to oil can be measured.

What happens if there are solids in my liquid?
For optimum results the liquid should be clean, although solid content can be as much as 10% and an acceptable reading can still be achieved.

Do I need stop production to test?
The ultrasonic technology allows production to continue without interruption. In fact, pipes must be full and flowing to allow testing to proceed. Empty pipes will return a zero reading.

Where should I position the transducers?
Transducers can be positioned on any orientation – horizontal, vertical or angled. They do need a good straight section to ensure the best flow profile. 10xdiameter upstream and 5xdiameter downstream is recommended.
Flow measurement is still possible if the banks are shorter but there may be reduced accuracy.

Do I need power to operate the flow meter?
The F601 is fully portable as it is battery powered (for up to 12 hrs).
Trickle charge is available when longer measurement periods are required.

Where does my data get logged?
The transmitter includes a built-in data logger and software to download readings to your computer. Up to 100,000 values can be recorded.

Will there be a coupling material?
There are 2 options of coupling material. Traditional coupling paste for standard applications or a coupling mat in the case of extreme temperatures.

Can I measure temperature as well as flow?
Double energy meters are available to measure temperature as well as flow. Please call to ask for special rates.

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