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Selecting the correct instrumentation is often only part of a successful outcome.

With over 30 years experience in instrumentation, we can assist with expert assistance and advice on installation and set up to ensure you get the most of your new investment.

Where required for onsite services, our technician holds certificates in BOSIET, Work Safely at Heights & Work in Confined Space.

In addition to our on-site services, we also offer online commissioning to complete and configure instruments so they work just the way you need them to. 
Should you need assistance with any of the following, give us a call or arrange a Zoom, Facetime or Teams call.
We can help with:

  • correct set up and installation of flow transducers for clamp-on flowmeters
  • configuration of remote monitoring modems
  • operator training
  • fine tuning of batching systems
  • ensuring that output settings of instruments match input settings of PLC’s and controllers and
  • maximising signal response times for smooth control.

Even small things can make a difference…Call 03 9532 2235 or go to our On Site Flow Verification services page.

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