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Inline Thermal Mass Flow Meter

VP Instruments develops, produces and supplies thermal mass flowmeters for the measurement of compressed air and technical gases.
The first step in reducing compressed air costs is to get a true and complete picture of the usage. With VP’s energy management software, providing accurate measurement solutions for both the supply side and demand side is simple.

  • Unique bi-directional multi-parameter flow sensor technology
  • Data loggers for flow, pressure, temperature
  • Web based energy management software
  • Monitoring systems for total compressed air management
  • Easy to use tools for installation
Thermal mass flow meter for compressed air inline

VPFlowScope In-line flow meter

With the VPFlowScope® In-line flow meter you have the perfect tool for measuring consumption of machines, cost allocation and pressure loss monitoring.
The VPFlowScope In-line comes in three sizes; 0.5 inch (VPS.R080.M050), 1 inch (VPS.R250.
M100), and 2 inch (VPS.R01K.M200). Display options include – No display, Display, Display with data logger.

VP Extras

Accessories & Additions


Inline flow meter tube kit

Turbulence in the line can have a negative effect in achieving accurate readings. VP offer an optional tube kit to avoid turbulence and optimise results.


VP Studio is the software tool used to configure all VP Instruments products as well as viewing real-time measurements and retrieving data-log sessions. It can also be used to schedule log sessions and logging intervals. VP Studio communicates via your PC’s USB port.


VP Vision is the complete monitoring solution for compressed air, technical gases and energy management and makes energy savings easy, quick and rewarding. A flexible system platform gives you a clear picture of your usage, efficiency and costs. Using the latest web technology, it enables you to view data anywhere, anytime. The software can be customized to suit a single compressor or multiple compressors and sites. Configurable software lets you quickly analyze and link your relevant data in one place. VP Vision is can also be used to collect and present real-time data from other utilities.


Maintaining the dew point of your air or gas system will prolong the lifetime of your equipment. Permanent monitoring enables you to detect and prevent problems on time.
VP Instruments dew point transmitters are designed for ease of use, incorporating all the features needed to make installation and operation as simple as possible. The calibrated transmitter can be instantly incorporated into your air or gas management and control system such as VP Vision.

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