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VP instruments flowscope

VPFlowScope M flow meter

With the VPFlowScope® M you are ready for the future. This next-generation flow meter is Industry 4.0/IOT ready. Next to 4 .. 20 mA and RS485 (Modbus RTU), it also has a built-in Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) interface, making it easy to connect directly to any network. It can be installed under pressure and measures (bi-directional) thermal mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow simultaneously.

Unlike traditional flow meters, the VPFlowScope M does not require traditional recalibration, where you have to ship the unit back. Instead, the VPFlowScope M consists of a Transmitter and the patented VPSensorCartridge® which reduces recalibration to a simple exchange.

All-in-one flow meter for compressed air and technical gases

The VPFlowScope® M is a four-in-one bidirectional flow meter for compressed air, nitrogenoxygenheliumargon and other industrial gases. It measures bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature and totalized flow, simultaneously. The optional data logger has a 1-year automated retention policy.

Features and benefits of this flow meter for compressed air

  • Four sensors in one instrument
  • For compressed air and technical gases
  • VPSensorCartridge®: no more recalibration required
  • Ethernet interface: Industry 4.0/IOT ready
  • Ultra-compact size and low weight
  • Ethernet (Modbus/ TCP)
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • 4..20 mA linearized, pulse mode or alarm output
  • USB interface for configuration and downloading of data log files
  • Optional TFT display
  • Optional data logger
  • Optional: Bi-directional flow measurement

Applications of this compressed air flow meter

  • Demand-side compressed air monitoring
  • Air audits
  • Submetering of compressed air
  • Ring networks (bi-directional)
  • Industrial gas monitoring (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other dry, noncorrosive industrial gases)
  • Cost allocation
  • Leak detection
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