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Flexim G722 clamp on flow meter permanent

Fluxus G722

Synchronized Channel Averaging (SCA) Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Meter

The FLUXUS G722 gas flow meter is a high performing ultrasonic clamp on meter specifically designed for measurement of dynamic flows in the process industry. This sophisticated, versatile, and accurate gas flow meter has everything you need – faster processing capabilities, advanced diagnostics, bidirectional communication protocols, digital outputs and process inputs. In keeping with all other FLEXIM products, the G722 offers ease of installation, retrofittable design, accuracy, and outstanding performance.  

Synchronized Channel Averaging (SCA)

In multi-channel flow measurement lag time (delay) between signal acquisitions from each channel and data averaging are often longer than the time required for process control applications – depending on the specified sampling rate, a flow meter can take anywhere from 1 to 20 seconds to complete processing cycles and report the current flow rate.  In constant flows, where rapid changes in flow are not found, flow updates at the above intervals is acceptable.  However, this is not the case in control applications where rapid changes in flow must invoke immediate responses from the control system.  

In these cases, response time expectations and requirements are higher. Using the new Synchronized Channel Averaging method (SCA), the G722 ultrasonic flow meter sends signals both in the direction of the flow and against the flow every 1millisecond. These signals are averaged simultaneously resulting in better flow profile representation, a more stable output and minimizing cross flow effects in highly dynamic flows with demanding inflow conditions.

The FLUXUS G722 is available both in Aluminum and Stainless-Steel housing options, with ATEX/IECEx Zone 2.

Additional advantages of the system are; temperature compensated transducers, superior noise suppression and a rugged and user-friendly design that offers an unmatched degree of reliability, durability, and accuracy – ensuring perfect operation of the system under the harshest field conditions.

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