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Fluidwell indicator, transmitter, controller D-series

DIN Panel Mount

DIN Panel mount Indicators

Robust and water tight!

The D-Series is available as DIN panel mount indicator, transmitter, controller and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement applications in industrial environments. It is the robust alternative for your existing, not waterproof, panel meters. The unique, robust IP66, IP67 (Type4X) front enclosure makes it the perfect fit for industrial panel mount applications where working environments are often cleaned with powerful water jets.


Your crew is in control with our highly praised “Know one, know them all” configuration structure, saving time, cost
and aggravation.
• Resistant to harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, salty atmospheres, temperatures between -40°C/-40°F and
+80°C/+178°F) without use of expensive protective cabinets.
• Unique, robust IP66, IP67 (Type4X) front enclosure made of aluminium, able to withstand total immersion and even
powerful water jets!
• Only a few inches depth clearance for smaller, low cost panels and panel doors.

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