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FLEXIM’s Extended Temperature Transducers up to 240°C

FLEXIM has announced the enhanced specification of P and M extended temperature transducers for fixed installations.
The new specification will increase the maximum surface temperature from 200°C up to 240°C.

This enhanced temperature range for the transducers will allow easier access to many high-temperature applications such as:

  • thermal oil systems
  • sulfuric acid applications

Energy management and sustainability customers who are operating thermal oil systems and need to know their energy flows, can couple the F704 with the extended temperature transducers for excellent results.

Direct thermal energy calculations based on flow, supply and return temperatures with a high-level interface can be added to the system.

Temperature ranges from 200°C up to 240°C are often associated with Sulfuric Acid applications. The extended temperature transducers offer better accuracy on speed of sound measurement.

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