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Portable Gas Flow Meter

Portable flow measurement of gas without compromises

When there is no option to cut the pipe the use of the clamp-on system is one of the true champions. 

FLEXIM is a technology leader offering you the ideal non-intrusive flow metering solution, even for the most demanding challenges. Also excellent for use in redundancy measurement offering peace of mind.

Flexim G608 on pipe


Fluxus G608 is the ideal solution for gas flow measurement in potentially explosive areas, whether for a temporary replacement of a stationary flow meter, check metering or service operations. Due to its certification, users are freed from obtaining a Hot Work Permit, making access to hazardous areas much easier and less time consuming. Being equipped with two flow channels, RTD Inputs and an integrated data logger with a serial interface, the portable gas flow meter is designed for direct usage in demanding environments, such as in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream area as well as in the processing industries and the energy sector.

Fluxus G608 CA

The FLUXUS G608 CA Energy is the ideal tool for carrying out complete energy efficiency tasks (e.g. according to DIN ISO 50001 standards) within hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 1/2 and FM Class I, Div.2 approval) by allowing the measurement of compressed air flow rates as well as the monitoring of thermal energy quantities and the flow rate determination of any kind of liquid or gaseous media with just one device.
Flexim flow meter portable G601


The FLUXUS G601 portable clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow meter measures the flow of virtually any gas using FLEXIM’s proven transit-time correlation technique. The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe, thus no cutting into the pipe or process interruption is required for installation. The FLUXUS G601 portable ultrasonic gas flow meter allows for an inherently bi-directional gas flow measurement of operational and standard volume flows. As the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, the system does not suffer from wear and tear or clogging, can’t be a risk for leaks and will not cause any pressure drops inside the pipe. It is the ideal tool for servicing and maintenance activities, the control and auditing of measurement points not covered by permanent meters, or even the temporary replacement of permanently installed gas flow meters.
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