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Flowmeters For Extreme Temperatures -190C to +600C

For process temperatures exceeding the 200C rating of Flexim’s high-temperature transducers, the patented WaveInjectors takes high-temperature flow measurements to the next level and beyond.
The WaveInjectors thermically separates the transducers from the hot pipes allowing for reliable and accurate operation up to +400C.
The WaveInjector is the ideal solution for many applications in the Chemical, Petrochemical and related industries as well as in the Oil and Gas sector. It is used by the biggest names in these industries.
The reason is clear: From crude oil to coal tar distillates, the WaveInjector remains accurate and reliable under the toughest conditions.
FLEXIM’s WaveInjector can also be used on extremely cold pipes, with temperatures as low as -160°C. At such low temperatures, the WaveInjector is used, amongst others, in LNG peak-shaving facilities where surplus natural gas is stored in order to meet the requirements of peak consumption during winter or summer.
Your benefits:

  • Very wide turn down ratio enabling the measurement of both low and high flowrates.
  • No Leak points.
  • 100% plant availability – No process shut-down for Installation/ Inspection
  • Maintenance-free thanks to the permanent coupling pads

Watch – FLEXIM Video – Wave Injector

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