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Level Indicators

Level Indicators offer a range of indicators, transmitters and monitoring systems for level measurement applications. From a basic level indicator up to a powerful level monitor with tank shape linearization, high / low level monitoring, signal transmission, four alarm outputs as well as full Modbus communication.

Fluidwell flow rate indicator, totalizer, batch controller F-Series

Field Mount - F Series

Robust field mount Indicators Robust and user-friendly! The F-Series is a robust range of field mount indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for flow, level, pressure and temperature.
Models include: F070, F190

Fluidwell indicator, transmitter, controller D-series

DIN Panel Mount - D Series

DIN Panel mount Indicators Robust and water tight! The D-Series is available as DIN panel mount indicator, transmitter, controller and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature.
Models include: D070

Basic features
  • Key information at a glance, simultaneously showing level, measuring units, percentage and alarm messages. 
  • Clear operator messages e.g. “low level” or “alarm lo”. 
  • Know one, know them all” configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation. 
  • Robust GRP, aluminum and Stainless steel 316L enclosures, resistant to harsh weather conditions. 
  • Easy mounting: on walls, pipes, panels or directly on sensor. 
  • The level engineering units: ml, L, m3, GAL, USGAL, kg, lb, bbl or no unit. 
  • The height engineering units: mm, cm, m, mtr, inch, ft, mmwk, mmwc, cmwk, cmwc, mwk, mwc, inwc, ftwc, mbar, bar, psi, percentage or no unit.
Advanced features
  • Linearization to compensate the tank shape for accurate level measurement. 
  • Level re-transmission, is offered with the analog output. 
  • Level monitoring with high/low alarm values and (multiple) digital alarm outputs. 
  • LED backlight ensuring perfect readings in all lighting conditions. 
  • Red flashing backlight in case of an alarm situation. 
  • Modbus Communication. 
  • Intrinsically safe available for hazardous area applications. 
  • Piegraph as graphical indication of the actual level. 
  • Ignore function to allow an incorrect level for a certain period. 
  • Custom measuring unit with max. 8 characters. 
  • Configurable hysteresis modes for alarm set- and resetpoints.
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